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Mini Sized DVR Board
Mini Sized  DVR Board

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1CH D1 Mini Size Spy  DVR Board

This 1CH Mini Sized Spy MPEG4 Standard DVR Board is good to be integrated and built into versatile custom application; such as, tissue box,Surveillance box, camouflaged device, framed wall painting, etc. for the concealed surveillance without being noticed. 

It supports 1Ch video &audio in and its recorded footages can be easily played back by the Microsoft Windows Media Player or any other standard players. The video/audio is directly recorded on the SD card and, with a SD card reader connected to PC, the video/audio backup can be stored on user's PC for succeeding viewing. It starts video recording as soon as power is up; it ends recording whenever power is down or used up. Obviously, it is a perfect tool for the on-site evidence gathering purpose.

1.File format:AVI;

2.Audio and video input(output): RCA 3-in-1 AV output;

3.Storage type: SD(support over 32GB) card;

4.Video size and speed: PAL: 720x576(D1)/25FPS, NTS: 720x480(D1)/30FPS;

5.Power supply for external camera is available:(Voltage:5V);

6.Video format(IN or OUT): NTSC/PAL;

7.Recording AV mode:Schedule/ Motion detection/wired cable auto /IO alarm/manual recording

8.Compute transfer interface: USB2.0;

9.Recording max bps:8M-10M;

10.Real-time recordings are marked in File;

11.Can make ID for every unit;

12.OSD menu operating with IR-remote controller;

13.Available control or controlled by I/O connector;

14.with rechargeable lithium battery ,avoid sudden power failure

15.Alarm alert when video signal loss

16.Playback function with composite A/V out

17.With 3000m long range RF remote controller(Power On/Off,recording On/Off)

18.Power: 5V/150MA;




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