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-Plug and play, no driver required. -Anti-slip Rubber coated to protect the devices.- Comes with a light indicator show various working status -Charge any Qi wireless charging capable smartphone
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Wireless Car Charger With Holder
  Howdoeswirelesschargingwork? WirelesschargingisbasedontheprincipleofInductivePowerTransfer(IPT)orMagneticResonance–theprocessoftransferringenergybetweentwoobjectsthroughcoils.Atimevaryingmagnet...
Qi Enabled Wireless Charging Pad Station for All Qi Standard Compatible Devices
  How does wireless charging work? WirelesschargingisbasedontheprincipleofInductivePowerTransfer(IPT)orMagneticResonance–theprocessoftransferringenergybetweentwoobjectsthroughcoils.Atimevaryingma...
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