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dual camera car blackbox dvr/vehicle camera dvr system
  2 channel dvr security system 1.Chipset---H.264imagecompressionchip 2.SensorDevice-- Forwardfacinglens:VGACMOSSensor. Backwardfacinglens:VGACMOSSensor. 3.ViewAngle--- Outsidevehicleapprox:120deg...
Car black box (2 channel car DVR)
  Product characteristics —Ultra small volume; the front lens with ultra wide angle of 140 degrees can be rotated up and down 20 degrees; the back lens with ultra wide-angle of 120 degrees high r...
in car camera recorder
  HD720P car DVR recorder with 2.5" TFT Colorful Screen,Real-time recordings are marked the date and time information,video Recording Automatically After the Power Up,The camera should be constantly rec...
Rear view mirror monitor with GPS Navigation system
   Recorder(4.3"LCD):1. Support auto-boot 2.Support for automatic recording 3. Support power-down to save 4. Support the cycle of coverage video 5. Storage type: TF card up to 32GB 6. Video/Audio com...
Pocket 1080P HD recorder with H.264 high definition encoder
  *Display: 2.0 inch 16:9 LTPS TFT Screen *8 Mega Pixel ,1080P Resolution HD Digital Video *EIS electronical Anti-shake *Support near-focus shooting *Eliminate wind sound *Support Continuous multi-...
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