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Portable DVR recorder

portable recorder for Private Investigators for law of evidence,Micro Pocket DVR,mini video recorder Surveillance Equipment,
D1 resolution wearable personal digital video recording system,

PV007 features:

1. Super mini size and easy portable, a most popular device;

2. Video: PAL: 720x576(D1)/25FPS, NTS: 720x480(D1)/30FPS;

3. 2.5"TFT-LCD display;

4. SD card slot and hard disk (USB OTG);

5. Motion detection, Automatically take photos/record Immediately when detect the motive objects;

6. The detecting scope, sensitivity etc. can be setup;

7 . Immediately getting into the work after power on;

8 adopt DC12V,special fit for recoding in car;

9  adopt DC3.7V, special fit for police or take by;

10 Supporting all kinds of CCTV cameras (CCD, CMOS), and providing power to attached camera, No power cord needed for attached camera;

11. With ports of "outside triggers shooting" and "motion detect signal trigger output";

12 . The parameters which has been set up and the stored pictures/ video will not lose when power off;;

13 Choose 5V/6600mAh special  rechargeable lithium battery pack(Option);

14 Can combine with all kinds of alarm system or visual door phone system which form newly shooting alarm system, etc;

15. Supporting outputting or inputting video signal of NTSC/PAL;;

16. The recording date as file name, the format of picture is JPEG ,and the format of video is AVI;

17. No need maintenance, start working once turn on;

18. Lock  button;

19. Support playback the images on TV/monitor, or on compute, no need to install software r;

20. Use 2.4GHz (4 channels) wireless work frequency for wireless sending and receiving, (Option);

21. Video memory tenet is "First in, First out", record forever;

22. Provide date and time information;

23. Capture Type: Motion Detection/ Alarm In/ I/O In/ Normal/ Remote Control

24. Save Type: Motion Detection/ Time/ Full-Stop/ Overwrite/Normal;

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